Mosaic Online Systems is a specialist IT Systems provider for the Mail Industry that offers software solutions for all companies involved in the end to end process of creating and delivering mail.

Originally formed in 2004 as a result of the de-regulation of the postal market in the UK, our primary objective was to provide all companies entering the Downstream Access (DSA) Market with an easy IT solution with which to access Royal Mail's deilvery network. With a proven track record of systems delivery and specialist knowledge of the mail process, Mosaic Online Systems acts as a trusted and independent provider to all parties.

Enabling technology to facilitate innovation rather than be a barrier to it has always been a core value to the company and by providing the IT ‘plumbing’ that delivers a robust, reliable, and cost-effective mail pipeline across multiple partners is an excellent example of this.

In 2004 Mosaic Online Systems also developed the production systems that enabled the first Direct Access customer (Royal Bank of Scotland) to post via Downstream Access and achieve multi-million pound savings within the first year of operation. This business critical, 24x7x365 system is still in use today at their production sites and is now operated by Williams Lea.

In 2005 the DocketHUB system was used to host additional business processes for Royal Mail Wholesale and Mosaic has been providing managed services to Royal Mail ever since. By utilising services provided by Mosaic, Royal Mail avoided the costs of re-writing internal systems, and has been able to bring new product offerings to market, knowing that system support for those products is provided in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Over the last decade, Mosaic has also supported several DSA Carriers enter the mail market and, through the DocketHUB system, has provided system support for a number of Logistics partners, including tracking systems, production control and management information facilities to support efficient mail handling and business processes.



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We aim to create and provide a positive environment, colleagues play a key role in driving our business forward. Our staff are key to the success of driving forward change and have a chance to make a real contribution to the company. Our success depends on providing an environment in which our employees can flourish, so it’s in our interest to make Mosaic a great place to work. We have an open, honest culture that's based on mutual trust and respect. We have a strong team-working ethos and sense of community; everyone is rewarded fairly for their efforts.

The success of Mosaic is in no small measure due to the contribution made by employees - who have remained loyal to the company over the years and worked hard to get it where it is today. At Mosaic, we feel that it is important to recognise the achievements of those individuals who have been loyal to the company.

We're proud of what we do and are continually striving to be better. But don't just take our word for it, meet some of the Team Members behind the success.


Our Values

At the heart of our culture is understanding.

We believe that our deep insight and experience of the mailing industry helps us to fully engage with our clients and deliver distinctive offerings which enhance their services and keeps them at the forefront of their industry.

Our partners trust us to provide business critical solutions because they are assured by our fusion of knowledge and approach.

Equally, taking the time to fully understand requirements and respect viewpoints before decisively moving forward, is key to the high performance culture we foster within Mosaic.

We encourage an open and inquisitive atmosphere which rewards innovation and drives continual improvement, and hope that the passion and character of our organisation comes through in everything we do.

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