Royal Mail’s new Mailmark service enables items of mail to be tracked as they are received and processed on Royal Mail’s sorting machines.

Each Mail Piece carries a unique barcode enabling better visibility of when mailings are being processed, and when an item of mail is likely to land on the recipient’s doorstep.

This intelligent mail gives marketeers new opportunities for managing campaign response, or initiating timely contact with the recipient co-ordinated with the arrival of the mail item to help improve campaign conversion rates.

However, you need to do more to gain the benefits of Mailmark, and this is where DocketHUB can help…

Mosaic Online Systems was a key supplier during the planning, development, and implementation of Mailmark on behalf of Royal Mail

"The DocketHub Labeller is an excellent tool for quick and accurate mail sortation. With its seamless Mailmark integration, mailings can be generated and uploaded with ease."

Mosaic Support Team

"Mosaic's understanding of Mailmark is outstanding. Their in-depth knowledge of the mailing industry does not go unnoticed, this has helped us hugely with our Mailmark journey."

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DocketHUB Sortation Tools

  • Address list sortation.
  • Easy management of available Mailmark Supply Chains.
  • Allocation of Unique Item Identity to each mail piece.
  • 4 state and 2D barcode generation for each item.
  • Generation of Mailmark item manifests.
  • Supports Mailmark mailings via both Royal Mail and other mail carriers.
  • Capture additional information to exploit the benefits of Mailmark.

Online Management Information, Mailing Management and Production Control

  • Integrates with the DocketHUB Portal, so Mailmark and non-Mailmark mailings can be handled in a similar manner.
  • Online Management Information.
  • Containerisation and Mail Despatch.
  • Split mailing and Spoils handling.
  • Pricing and Cost Allocation.
  • Campaign and Cost Centre Management.
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